Crocheted scarves
medium grey & café-au-lait
available soon at www.koschy.com

photo: Réka Kosch
model: Anita

Knitted dress
made by hand driven flat knitting machine

photo: Antal Gabelics
model: Ági

made without sewing
materials: textile, felt

photo: Csanád Szesztay
model: Jutak

Women garment
made of a second-hand man shirt and about 300 modules cutted out of juice boxes
category winner of  Reclothes - Reboot your clothes contest 2009

photo: Antal Gabelics
model: Lilla

Structural experiments 1

Structural experiments 2

Structural experiments 3

Structural experiments 4

Structural experiments 5

Handwoven textiles

Knitted and woven textiles