KOSCHY ART DESIGN artists vol.1

Dear All,
Let me introduce KOSCHY ART DESIGN collective, a bunch of Hungarian artists and designers.
As I am really happy to be a member of this group, from now on you can see selections of artworks here made by my fellows. Enjoy!


Kriszti Balla is a textile designer specialized to prints, also interested in different fields of design as fashion, leather goods, illustration and graphic design. From her, leather accessories, books and The Beans Collection will be available soon on www.koschy.com !

The Beans Collection by Kriszti Balla

Navy blue leather clutch bag with Beetlebeat Collection pattern by Kriszti Balla


Melinda Skriba is a ceramics designer and she is working with porcelain as well. She is interested in recycling and making leather accessories such as the Sketches Bracelet series, available soon on www.koschy.com !

Sketches Bracelets by Melinda Skriba