KOSCHY ART DESIGN artists vol.2


Timi Lantos is a porcelain designer interested in studio porcelain and besides making functional products she is also working on experimental projects. Seed Germinateur, Porcelain Necklaces and the Porcelain Sink made by her will be available soon on www.koschy.com

Seed Germinateur by Timi Lantos

Porcelain Sink by Timi Lantos

Porcelain Necklace by Timi Lantos


Lilla Oszvald is a textile designer specialized to leather. She is making various bags, shoes and accessories like the Bobo Clutch Bag, the Pinky Little Bag and the Phone Case, all will be available soon on www.koschy.com!

Bobo Clutch Bag by Lilla Oszvald

Pinky Little Bag by Lilla Oszvald

Phone Case by Lilla Oszvald